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What is Funk's History, what is it doing presently/how has it changed or grown? What are its plans for the future?

Great Grandfather Barclow Funk the 1st began working for Leffel Boiler in Ohio during the 1870's. At that time Leffel Boiler was the largest boiler company in the world and, believe it or not, boilers were the side line. At the time Leffel Boiler was selling more water wheels than boilers. Many years later in the early 1900's Grandfather Barclow Funk the 2nd started working for Leffel Boiler. His three brothers were also boliermakers in Ohio with Roberts Iron Works, later known as RICO Corp. Grandfather Funk then went into World War I as a first class boilermaker in the Navy. After the war he returned to Leffel boiler for a few months. Grandfather Barclow Funk the 2nd then left Leffel Boiler in Ohio and headed for Alaska to join in the excitement of the gold rush. He worked on the Copper River Railroad and on the goldmine boilers, repairing and keeping them running.

After Grandfather Funk spent four years in Alaska he moved to Connecticut to start his own boiler company in 1928. He worked through the depression in numerous factories throughout the New Haven area doing steel fabricating and welding. During World War II, Grandfather Funk's company Funk Boiler Works, Inc. worked for numerous defense shops with full crews of boiler makers all over the State of Connecticut.

In 1953 Perry J. Funk, son of Grandfather Barclow Funk the 2nd, took over the company where he did numerous repairs, re-tubing, stack installations and boiler installations. During the 1970's drastic changes took place in the company and Funk Boiler Works, Inc began energy conscious heating systems utilizing things like primary/secondary piping and new burner technology along with many gas and oil combination burners which could burn either fuel at the flick of a switch, making our own energy management systems with numerous products out together to essentially do what one simple control does now, turning steam systems into very efficient systems and proving to the commercial general public that Funk Boiler Works was a big player in saving people fuel.

In the early 1980's Wayne Goldsmith, stepson of Perry J. Funk began working with the Funk Company not only doing installations and boiler re-tubing, but taking the company to the next level of being a major installer in the Connecticut State area. Funk Boiler Works, Inc. proceeded into the new millennium with almost all of our design builds having high tech capabilities and energy management systems. Our energy management systems are now working together with DDC systems to make a full blown transition into the new millennium. Our design build heating systems have been recognized by national magazines. Funk Boiler Works, Inc. always considers the customer first. Funk Boiler Works continues to maintain energy conservation with a broad line of well built-boilers through the current recession and beyond.


Town of Madison - Pearson Middle School
Darien Public Schools
Town of Milford - Board of Ed.
Trinity Lutheran Church
North Haven Public Schools
Albertus Magnus College
Yale Medical Center
Yale School of Nursing c/o US Prop.
St. John the Baptist
First Baptist Church New Haven
First Church of Christ (NH Green)
St. Christopher's School
St. Louis School (W. Haven)
St. Vincent De Paul Church & School
Yale University
Town of Branford
Town of Clinton - Town Hall
Town of East Haven, Hayes School
Town of North Haven
Orange Congregational Church
Alternative Research Mgmt.
The Hotel Duncan
Notre Dame High School

Similar Experience

Here is a list of our experience with similar types of work:

Yale Medical Center – Numerous steam boilers dating back 25 years and older.
Valerie Wohlstrom

Milford Schools – Numerous steam boiler installations, more than 10 in different schools, including trap replacements in the tunnels, steam modifications and upgrades.
Pat Bradbury

Guilford Schools – Boiler replacements at both the high school and middle school.
Ed Harlow

Clinton Town Hall – Steam boiler replacement and design / build over 25 years old.
Tom Fitting

Knights of Columbus – Boiler replacement design / build for one of the largest buildings in New Haven.
Paul Bello

Redstone Manor – Steam boiler replacement and design / build. Property has over 10 million BTUs and has been converted from oil to gas oil, which also includes a domestic water system. This job was finished in the fall of 2007.
George Passander

Off Broadway Management – The properties were Yale University, numerous steam boilers designs and builds.
Joe Matteis

North Haven Schools – Boiler installations, boiler design / builds, emergency portable boiler rentals. Please note we have our own portable boilers, which can supply heat in an emergency within hours to any of the North Haven Schools.
Grant Pecham

Stonington Public Schools – Very similar project to design #1.

Jamie Boss – H.B. Smith boilers.